Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fire In Your Home

Here are some illustrations I did for this 52 page book for the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). They are great people to work for.


Matthew Cruickshank said...

What's up dude? Happy New Year.

Can you do any body tricks?

St John Street said...

Hello Mr Shelly

I really like what you do over here, it's quite different from everything else floating around. As you've been in the game (industry) for some time now I would reall appreciate it if you could drop in on my blog and give your thoughts. I am currently looking for work, I can storyboard, character design and animate. It would mean alot of hear what u have to say on whether u think my work is up to par or not. I'd appreciate any advice or suggestion u may have please and thank you for the time it took to read this.

Mark McDonnell said...

Great work. Love the blue one, with the color flash light beam. Nicely done.


Schmiddy said...

Very cool illustrations! Very fun stuff